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Covered Porch & Exterior Remodeling in Hinsdale by Local General Contractor

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Hinsdale Addition 002Project Type: Covered Porch Rear Addition 

Project Location: Hinsdale, IL

This homeowner was seeking a local Hinsdale contractor to help add a covered porch to the rear of their home. It was important to them that this addition/covered porch would match their home perfectly.   After meeting with our owner and reviewing some images from some of our past construction projects. This homeowner felt comfortable moving forward with Skor Construction as their general contractor for their covered porch addition project in Hinsdale, IL.

This covered porch addition also presented the opportunity to install a second floor balcony attached to the master bedroom. Though we consider this to be an exterior remodeling project. The result certainly enhanced the interior of the home by providing addition living space that connected indoor living space with outdoor living space.

View images captured of this recent "Hinsdale Covered Porch Addition and Exterior Remodeling Project"

"Exterior Remodeling, Covered Rear Porch, Second Floor Balcony Addition" by local contractor in Hinsdale:

  • Design of plans required to achieve a building permit in the Village of Hinsdale.
  • The project included procurement of a building permit and scheduling the required building inspections with the Building Department in the Village of Hinsdale, IL.
  • Demolition and removal some of the old stone facia as required to seamlessly add the covered rear addition.
  • Installation of patio with proper footings required to bare the weight load of the new covered porch addition.
  • Installed Tyvek® HomeWrap® which acts as insulation and helps keep air and water out, while letting water vapor escape. As a result, Tyvek® HomeWrap® can contribute to improved building durability by helping to protect your home against damaging wind and rain that can penetrate the exterior building materials.
  • Installed second floor balcony and rails.
  • Installed drainage for second floor balcony installation.
  • Installed new windows and doors to access upper balcony from master bedroom.
  • Install new electrical fixtures under covered porch addition and installed switches and outlets with new Decora fixtures.
  • Drywall and Durarock wall replacement where needed.
  • Custom new wood trim carpentry for doors trims, window trims and floor trims.
  • New stone facia installed as selected to match the pre-existing stone facia for this custom built home.
  • New roofing and shingles installed to match pre-existing roof.
  • New flashing, gutters and downspouts installed to manage drainage.
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